What would happen if we had never changed a thing.

"Ok, I'm going to work now. When you wake up this morning, please read my diary. Look through my things, and figure me out."

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You get to know a man, and deep down there’s something bothering him real bad, and maybe you never find out what it is, but it’s what makes him do like he does, it’s what makes him look like he’s got secrets in his eyes. And you tell him, ‘Calm down, calm down, take it easy now.’ Or you ask him, ‘How come you keep doing the same crazy things over and over again, when you know they’re just going to get you in trouble again?’ Only you know there’s no sense arguing with him, on account of it’s the thing inside that’s making him go. It says, ‘Jump,’ he jumps. It says ‘Steal,’ he steals. It says, ‘Cry,’ he cries. Unless he dies young, though, or unless he gets everything all his way and nothing big goes wrong, that thing inside of him is going to run down like a wind-up toy. You’re working in the prison laundry next to this man. You’ve known him twenty years. You’re working along, and all of a sudden you hear this click from him. You turn to look at him. He’s stopped working. He’s all calmed down. He looks real dumb. He looks real sweet. You look in his eyes, and the secrets are gone. He can’t even tell you his own name right then. He goes back to work, but he’ll never be the same. That thing that bothered him so will never click on again. It’s dead, it’s DEAD. And that part of that man’s life where he had to be a certain crazy way, that’s DONE.
Kurt Vonnegut - God Bless You Mr. Rosewater

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Jump to one time, late one night, driving between Nowhere, Wyoming, and WhoKnowsWhere, Montana, when Seth says how being born makes your parents God. You owe them your life, and they can control you.

“Then puberty makes you Satan,” he says, “just because you want something better.”
Chuck Palahniuk - Invisible Monsters

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